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Recap: Cloud & DevOps meetup

​On the 31st of July we hosted a Cloud & DevOps meetup with two interesting speakers who shared their experiences about Platform Engineering and the immigration of the infrastructure to Google Cloud. We gladly welcomed more than 100 Cloud & DevOps Heroes and started the evening with a good drink and of course our famed burgers with fries. Curious about the speakers and what they shared that evening? Keep on reading!

Sander Knape – Cloud Engineer at Skyworkz

Our first speaker was none other than Sander Knape. Sander is a Cloud Engineer at Skyworkz and shared why he believes that every company should be conscious about why and how to setup the responsibility of Platform Engineering. He also discussed the biggest challenges surrounding the Platform Engineering – and how to tackle them.

So what is Platform Engineering? According to Sander, Platform Engineering is: ‘’The composition and integration of a set of processes, tools and automation (components) to build a coherent platform with the goal of empowering developers to be able to easily build, maintain and operate their business logic’’. Sander also explained why Platform Engineering is important: The reality is that state of the art cloud native technology is still too hard to use if every product engineering team has to individually solve common problems around networking, observability, deployment, provisioning, caching, data storage, etc.’’. Furthermore Sander also discussed four important challenges surrounding the Platform Engineering:

  1. Protecting the platform for organizational scalability

  2. Building an opinionated platform

  3. Specifying contracts

  4. Collaborating with your users

It was an interactive session where Sander also involved the audience by asking questions. Would you like to know more about this session? Luckily Sander shared his presentationhere.

Maarten Dirkse – Cloud Advocate at Bol.com

Our second speaker was Maarten Dirkse, Cloud Advocate. Maarten works at Bol.com for over 6 years and started as a Java developer. Maarten described an interesting quote about himself: ‘’I can’t predict the future, but when something has happened I can explain why it could not have been otherwise’’.

Maarten talked proudly about the history of Bol.com and how it started from a media store to a retail platform. He also discussed how Bol.com started to run their own data center and why Bol.com decided to start migrating their IT infrastructure to the public cloud. The reason why Bol.com decided to go to the public cloud is that they saw a steady increase in tooling leads to more and more opex. They noticed that keeping opex/innovation capacity on par will lead to an increase in team capacity. In the cloud they expect to turn this trend by hooking up with ready to use tools that are provided by the vendor. Bol.com uses the migration mostly on a pull-basis. The results?

  • Improved developer productivity

  • Huge technical improvements in their stack

  • Vastly superior cost insights per team

  • Big security improvements

  • Around 60 teams that are now running (part of) their workloads in the cloud

Maarten used the right kind of humor that captured the audience’s attention. After that it was time for some drinks and good chats!

IT Infrastructure & Security Alliance – See you next time?

The next IT Infrastructure & Security Alliance meetup is on September 12th. During this session Adrianus Warmenhoven and Reza Rafati will take us in the world of Cyber Security. All you need is a good question for the debate!

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