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Tergos has the largest network of IT Infrastructure & Security professionals. Let our network work for you so we can build the future together.

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Would you like to work with Tergos? We find the IT professionals who will strengthen your organisation, and we will take care of finding you a suitable match. Through our extensive network, we can provide you with candidates quickly and capably. You can work with our professionals in the following three ways.

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  • Search & Selection

    We can help you search for and select a permanent IT professional. We always look for professionals who are a perfect match with your goals and company culture.

  • Employer contract model

    This model allows you to temporarily hire IT professionals who are employed by Tergos. We can quickly supply you with highly skilled IT professionals who can act as extra reinforcement or replacement for your own personnel, without adding to your permanent staff.


How we work

We work with a triple-niche focus. This way, we know for sure that we have the best specialists in your field and we can relieve you of all your staffing worries.

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  • Knowledge sharing

    Tergos believes in the power of knowledge sharing. That is how we learn from each other and stay sharp. We do this actively in many ways.


  • Personal relationships

    Personal relationships play a big role at Tergos. We believe that the human factor is invaluable in matching.


  • Triple-niche focus

    We also call our focus the ‘triple-niche focus’. Each consultant works for one niche and one sub-niche brand and specialises in one of the three services.


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