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Tergos is the staffing partner for organizations looking for IT Infrastructure & Security expertise. We do staffing differently and have carefully built an extensive network of experts. Within this IT niche, it is important to be progressive as an organization. Something that can only be achieved with the right professionals. With the following four services Tergos wants to help you with acquiring these professionals:

The interim division of Tergos supports clients with finding temporary IT Infrastructure & Security expertise. We have built up a large network of freelance professionals over the years. Monthly dozens of clients find the right freelancer for the job through Tergos.

Employer contract model (ECM)
With our ECM solution, we have a large pool of IT professionals, employed by us, in various infrastructure and security expertise. With these “ready-to-hire” experts, we provide a high-quality, fast-paced solution for clients within this niche.

Search & Selection
The search & selection team at Tergos supports clients in search for permanent IT Infrastructure & Security professionals. Make use of our experience and expertise to find the right person for the job.

Temp to Perm
When a position requires a longer lead time for a permanent employment contract, Tergos offers a customized solution: Temp to perm. This service combines the flexibility of our ECM solution with the quality of the permanent expertise that search & selection brings.

How do we distinguish ourselves?

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Our triple niche-focus

Tergos distinguishes itself from the competition by applying a triple niche focus with the following components:

1. Niche focus;

2. Focus on one type of employment;

3. Regional focus.

This means that our team is divided into various specialisms within the IT niche. One consultant focusses on, for example, Cyber ​​Security specialists (niche focus) for permanent employment (one type of employment) in the province of South Holland (region focus). At Tergos, we map the entire market according to this triple niche-focus. As a result, we know exactly what is going on in the market.

The largest IT network

By putting emphasis on long-term relationships, Tergos has built the largest IT Infrastructure & Security network in the Netherlands. We strive for meaningful relationships with clients and professionals and hope to connect and inspire everyone in the market.  

Community building

Tergos believes in the power of sharing knowledge. We regularly facilitate meetups for both professionals and clients. Our parent company Altus Staffing, an international staffing organization, also organizes two large conferences a year. Online we share blogs, interviews, and the latest news through our social media channels.

We keep in touch

To really know what is going on in the market, Tergos is in daily contact with clients and professionals. Because of this, we can act quick and innovate where other staffing organizations stagnate. We use the most advanced tools and invest heavily in the latest technologies. We ensure that our network is always up-to-date.

Tergos is one of the niche brands of Altus Staffing, an international group specialized in IT staffing. Altus brings different IT niches together to offer clients a complete staffing solution.

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