At Tergos, you can make full use of all your opportunities as an IT consultant by becoming part of the close-knit community. Being part of the Tergos Team and the wider IT Infrastructure & Cyber Security community gives you plenty of opportunities to develop. You can exchange knowledge and experience with other consultants and peers, and you will receive all the guidance you need to grow into a solid professional.

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As an IT consultant at Tergos, you will be part of the Tergos Team and the wider IT Infrastructure & Cyber Security community. You often build a close bond with your Tergos colleagues, as you undertake all kinds of activities together and exchange knowledge. But you will also get the chance to build a network outside of Tergos. At the many meet-ups, webinars and knowledge events, you will get the opportunity to stay up-to-date on all the important trends and developments in your field.

People Development Manager

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Within Tergos, the opportunities are endless. With the support of our People Development Manager, you can choose from the huge range of over 10,000 training courses and programmes to ensure that you continue to develop your unique skills and talents. This will keep you relevant to our leading clients, but it will also allow you to continue to grow.

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