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Working as an IT consultant means being deployable to different companies, all of which have their own challenges and issues. Read more on what you can expect in the process here.

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External Consultant Network at Pink Elephant
Damian Destanli

Damian Destanli has been working for Tergos since March 2022. He joined Pink Elephant as an External Consultant Network, and is working for them to redesign the network environment of an acquired company.

Broadening horizens within IT

Before joining Tergos, Damian worked on the networking infrastructure of several hotels. Although he enjoyed his job, he wanted to broaden his experience. A position as a consultant was the obvious choice. "You work for a company for a year or two on average and then move on to the next client. That way, you get to experience every aspect of IT services and your picture of what is out there gets bigger."

Damian is far from done in IT. Indeed, the more experience he gains, the more certain he is that he wants to develop even further. "I want to grow as far as possible. I actually want to experience every role and then maybe become CTO, or maybe even take a big step and start my own IT company."

An open and clear approach

In his search for development, he soon came across Tergos. "They were friendly and open about what was possible and what they could do for me. They were clear about pay, holidays, car and pension. They really wanted to think along and make me a good offer."

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Involvement and support

Damian likes the fact that Tergos always thinks along with him about potential clients. They even help prepare job applications if you feel the need. "I learned from this that there is nothing wrong with asking questions. Tergos thinks along with you and is involved with you. They say 'if this party doesn't suit you, we can always look for another party'."

The bond with Tergos remains close, even when he is in a role with a client. "I hear from friends working elsewhere that they are just placed and never hear anything again. Not at Tergos. There, they say 'we'll keep in touch as often as you want'. In the beginning it is weekly. Now, at my request, it's once a month. Instead of a phone call, we plan a lunch. We then also talk about how I am doing and what is on my mind. That is real partnership."

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