Cloud & devops meetup

Cloud & Devops

Gustav Mahlerplein 1B, 1082 MS Amsterdam

On Wednesday January 29th, the IT Infrastructure & Security Alliance is hosting another Cloud & DevOps Meetup, as a Service!

During this first edition of 2020 we have a few announcements to make.

New Location

From 2020 on, we are hosting our meetups at CIRCL, around the corner of the previous location. We believe this location is more in line with our own vision, goals and ambitions like seriously taking sustainability into consideration. CIRCL is freely accessible to all – because everyone can make the difference. Connectivity is the key; it’s where everything of value begins. CIRCL is broad-thinking, inclusive and forward-looking.

New Concept

We have shaken up the agenda a little bit; having consecutive talks and therefore reserving more time for networking.
As you might have noticed, we also skipped the burgers. Because we hate waste, we prevent ordering too much food up front and having to waste a lot of it. Once started, we will have an exact count of attendees. After the talks, we serve some nice nourishing and wholesome food and bites accompanied by a cold beverage.

Dinner options are either getting something to eat at one of the many good foodspots at the Zuidas or elsewhere (tips are: Julia's, Market 33, Urban Salad etc.) Or, enjoying dinner at CIRCL for a discount price (normally 19€ for dinner, now for €15 incl. consumption). But no worries, you won't leave the building hungry!


18:30 Doors open + drinks
19:00 First speaker: Martijn de Rhoter
19:45 Second speaker: Erwin Staal
20:30 Networking + drinks & bites

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Introduction to the topics

Talk #1: Azure DevOps Pipelines 101, 102 & 103
A technical deep-ish dive into the fascinating world of running Azure DevOps Pipelines to test, build and deploy your Azure resources.

Talk #2: Event-driven autoscaling on Kubernetes with KEDA and Azure Functions
Event-driven, serverless architectures are a hot topic in today’s cloud-native application development. To take full advantage of the serverless benefits of event driven, your application needs to scale and react to those events instantly. It needs to be able to scale from zero to potentially thousands of instances. KEDA is an open sourced component that provides event driven autoscaling for your Kubernetes workloads.

About the speakers:
1. Martijn de Rhoter:
Martijn has been trying to figure out the Resource Manager part of Azure since its release, with varying degrees of success. He currently helps a big consultancy firm manage their deployments to Azure.

2. Erwin Staal: 
Erwin is a DevOps Consultant and Software Engineer. He has over more than 10 years of experience with both small and large organizations. He likes to immerse himself in the latest technologies. Currently he is working a lot with ASP.NET Core, Docker and Kubernetes. As a DevOps Consultant he helps companies with the implementation of DevOps and Continuous Delivery and coaches’ teams to become better at Scrum and Agile.


At CIRCL, they believe in the new, circular economy and above all that we can only achieve it together by creating new forms of partnership. The CIRCL pavilion is built entirely based on circular principles using recycled and re-usable materials. It’s a living lab where one can experiment with innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the future, an accessible platform, designed to facilitate unexpected encounters.

CIRCL wants to persuade society to move towards a sustainable world by demonstrating the changes needed to create the circular economy, both in theory and in practice. In other words, thinking big by starting small. For everyone who doesn’t just want to talk about the circular economy but wants to start building it now, in whatever capacity, as an individual or as part of a large corporate, start-up or non-profit organisation. Regardless of whether you’ve been involved with the concept for some time or have only just heard about it, wherever you are on the journey towards a sustainable world – just start.


We are located next to Station Amsterdam South which is easy to reach by public transport. If you come by car there are cheaper parking options close to the meetup location. In the streets after “De Boelenlaan” (5/10 minute walk) you can park for €1,40 per hour between 08:00 – 19:00. After 19:00 it’s for free. Otherwise use one of the many Q-Park options.


Save the date, hope to see you then!