Cloud & DevOps Meetup On Tour | @ Eindhoven High Tech Campus

High Tech Campus 1e, Eindhoven

On Tuesday the 29th the IT Infrastructure & Security Alliance is hosting its first DevOps & Cloud Meetup "On Tour", as a Service!


18:30 Doors open + hamburgers sponsored by Tergos
19:00 Talk 1: Rick van den Bosch
20:00 Break
20:15 Talk 2: Geert van der Cruijsen & Marc Duiker
21:15 End + drinks


Introduction to the topics

Talk #1 "Getting started with Azure Cognitive Services"

Wouldn't it be great if we could have our applications see, hear, speak, understand and interpret the needs of our users? We'll do just that in this session "Getting started with Azure Cognitive Services".

Azure Cognitive Services are APIs, SDKs, and services available to help us build intelligent applications with little to no AI or data science knowledge. They enable adding cognitive features into our applications. The goal of this session is to help you create applications that can see, hear, speak, understand, and even begin to reason. We'll take a look at the five main pillars: Vision, Speech, Language, Web Search and Decision.

Next to the awesome things we can do with Cognitive Services, security of course is also very important to take into account. So for those of you concerned about confidential data going into those services there's going to be an extra special example at the end of the session… 

Talk #2 "Building resilient and production ready serverless solutions on Azure"

Serverless applications seem the perfect fit for a scenario where developers do not need operations anymore because there are no servers right? Well maybe it's better to say we have to think about servers less... Even if we don't have to think about servers there is still an operations perspective of running serverless applications in production. What if something fails, a dependency is unavailable or how do we upgrade to new versions of our application?
In this session Marc and Geert will talk you through all the aspects of building a serverless solution on Azure that is resilient to failures and are ready for production workloads. Topics we will cover contain resilient serverless architecture & coding, versioning, continuous delivery, testing, logging & alerting. The session will be packed with demos of how to do this in your solution.

About the speakers

1. Rick van den Bosch:
Rick is an Azure MVP who's also a coder, although the official term is something like Cloud Solution Architect. I have been working with Microsoft Azure since it was first introduced. Next to developing cloud stuff hands-on, I've created cloud migration advises and migration strategies for customers.
I also design system architectures, coach developers and optimize the software development process to realize important and complex systems together with the customer. And I love to talk about it!

2. Geert van der Cruijsen & Marc Duiker:
Geert is a DevOps Consultant, Cloud architect and full cycle developer working for Xpirit in the Netherlands who helps development teams build better software by coaching and helping them hands on. Geert loves improving teams on all aspects, from software craftsmanship to cloud native architecture and agile practices. He's an expert on Azure, DevOps practices and cloud native architectures

Marc is a Lead Consultant at Xpirit with a strong focus on serverless and event-driven architectures and extensive knowledge of the Azure platform. He likes to help organizations by making effective use of cloud-based solutions using PaaS and FaaS services.
He's highly involved in the developer community and a regular speaker at meetups and conferences related to the Azure cloud & serverless technologies. In 2019 Marc received the Microsoft Azure MVP award for his community contributions.​