Live Tech Talks: Agility and Cloud Native during lockdown

Home office

IT Infrastructure & Security Alliance is proud to announce its first Live Tech Talks! We find it important to keep sharing experiences and learn from each other, especially in times like these. To make sure that we can still connect and keep each other educated we have decided to shift our offline Meetups to online talks! Now you will be able to join us, live, from your home office...

Our first speaker, Mark Heistek, Agile Coach, will tell you all about the resilience of companies in times during lockdown and would like to start the discussion by addressing some questions. Are the so-called agile organizations really resilient or do they adopt certain tricks? Are companies too big to fail? What technologies and ways of working will thrive? What is already out there, ready to use and what will be the next big thing? Nobody knows how long this global pandemic will last, but to survive as a society and as a business, we need to move forward in these times of great uncertainty.

Alessandro Vozza, Software Engineer and CNCF Ambassador, will expand this topic by talking about cloud-native technologies and mindsets for the lockdown. How can you keep being productive in adopting cloud-native technologies? How can we survive the next wave of global pandemic and ride the cloud to success? Let's find out.

Our guests will explain various opportunities available and will take the time to answer all the questions you may have. Join us on Wednesday 8 April from 16:00 – 17:30 (CET)