Live Tech Talks: IT Security Lessons from the Human Immune System


On Thursday 14th of May, IT Infrastructure & Security Alliance will host the second edition of the Live Tech Talks! In this talk, we will discuss IT Security lessons from the human immune system, with special guest Frank Breedijk, CISO of Schuberg Philis.

At first sight, the human immune system and IT Security do not seem to have a lot in common, except maybe the fact that they both have to fight off viruses. Even though it might not seem so at first, there are some lessons that we in IT Security can learn from the human immune system.

During this live talk, Frank Breedijk will walk you through the basics of the human immune system, both the non-specific and specific systems, and will draw parallels to information security practices. The talk aims to provoke you to think differently about IT Security practices in an entertaining fashion. At the end of the talk, Frank will take the time to answer all the answers you may have during the Q&A!

When: Thursday 14 May
Time: 17:00 - 18:00 CET 
Where: Livestreamed through Zoom or YouTube Live
How: Registration is mandatory by clicking on the below button:

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