Azure DevOps Engineer

Azure DevOps Engineer

For this international organization based in Rotterdam, you will work in the Cloud Platform Team where you and three other colleagues are responsible for onboarding new and supporting existing business and IT teams,

The work varies between onboarding teams, building and maintenance of ARM templates and PowerShell scripts (to be utilized by other teams), setting up secure connectivity between Azure services and our on-premise data center, building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps and helping teams forward in their Azure journey where security and compliance are given the utmost attention. 

The platform team is a driving force for many developments within Azure. So, given the small team, surrounding Azure and Azure DevOps you will have be a jack of all trades in both technical as non-technical skills. Where you must be able to advice the architects and engineers and at the same time do in depth analysis of complex technical issues. The team has adopted a DevOps way of working and we work in a two-week sprints.


Technical Skills 

·        Demonstrable Azure engineering expertise:  

·        Creating and maintaining ARM templates. 

·        Utilizing Azure Policy to enforce build and security standards. 

·        Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with Azure DevOps (Azure Boards, Azure Repos, Azure Pipelines, YAML builds and releases) and PowerShell Opensource toolset to drive the adoption of “Configuration as Code”. 

·         Experience with multiple Azure services, such as Blob, WebApps, Azure Functions, etc. as well as Container services. 

·         Experience with Azure Security Center, ASE and Azure Monitor. 

·         Demonstrable Azure consulting expertise. 

·         Experience with translating business requirements to the use of Azure PaaS services. 

·         Experience with setting up and/or assessing Azure Security architecture. 

·         Experience with setting up and/or assessing Azure Network architecture. 

·         Experience with scripting, PowerShell and/or Azure CLI. 

·         Experience with GIT branching policies. 

·         Experience with Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code. 

·         Experience with Azure policies. 


Soft Skills 

·         Focused on getting results; candidate must be able to balance between technical excellence and meeting project milestones. 

·         Self-organized; there isn’t a lot of capacity to guide project team members on a day to day basis; 

·         Team player, with excellent verbal and written communication skills. 

·         Great antenna for organizational- and team culture; The candidate must be able to adapt his/her communication to the audience. 

·         Candidate must be able to translate functional targets to his/her tasks and vice versa. 

·         Flexible; 2020 is a turbulent year for the IT delivery organization. Project goals and team can and will change in the course of the year. The candidate must be able to adjust and blend in on these changes without losing focus on achieving their team targets. Candidate also must be able to work from home as long as Corona measures are in place.  


·         Azure maintenance activities as member of the Azure Platform team; 

·         Coordinate with the Azure infra vendor (DXC and Fujitsu) on topics such as Network, Azure AD, Azure DNS, etc.. 

·         Advise and guide Business System teams on the various Azure Services options. 

·         Work out proposals for Azure solutions for the Architects. 

·         Act as a sparring partner for the architects and the Business Systems teams. 

·         Support Business Service Teams in creating and maintaining release pipelines in Azure DevOps. 

·         Create and maintain templates (ARM) and scripts (PowerShell or CLI) for automation and deploying approved Azure Services. 

·         Build, maintain and test Azure polices. 


Other requirements 

·         40h/week 

·         Candidate can start the 29th of June. Period of hiring for at least 6 months. 

·         Must be fluent in English. 

·         Familiar with DevOps and Agile way of working.