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CyberArk Specialist

Vacature omschrijving

Are you an experienced CyberArk Engineer who is eager to enhance the security environment for our clients?

Tergos is seeking a CyberArk Engineer with specialized expertise in CyberArk integrations and practical experience in managing privileged access management (PAM) solutions. In this challenging role, you will be responsible for working with various CyberArk systems to elevate security solutions to the next level.

Key responsibilities:

• Utilize your expertise in CyberArk to facilitate privilege management operations. Your in-depth knowledge of CyberArk allows you to implement and manage effective security measures, enhancing the protection of sensitive data and systems.

• Working within a three-week sprint, you will engage in various tasks related to the PAM landscape (Privileged Access Management). This includes developing and implementing changes and improvements to strengthen the security and efficiency of privilege management. You will contribute to achieving project objectives and ensuring the smooth execution of PAM initiatives.

• You will be responsible for refining, developing, testing, and delivering various functionalities within the PAM ecosystem. This role requires close collaboration with the Product Owner to translate customer requirements into practical solutions. Leveraging not only your deep development and technical expertise but also your broad knowledge in areas such as testing and deployment automation, you will strive to achieve high-quality results. As a result, you will be a valuable asset in the pursuit of optimal security and user convenience for our customers.


• Duration: 6 months, with the possibility of extension.
• Start Date: Immediate
• Weekly Hours: 32-40 hours.
• Location: Randstad

Join our enthusiastic team and contribute to strengthening security in the field of privileged access management. Apply now and become a part of the innovative solutions we create for our clients.