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Building careers in IT Infrastructure & Security

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Knowing more about less

Tergos stands for the IT Infrastructure & Security of the future. Our specialist consultants know more about less and are experts within this niche. We believe that specialisation creates focus, which is why we focus exclusively on fields within IT Infrastructure & Security. Read more about the fields in which we are active here.

How we make an impact

Every day, our IT professionals work towards a more secure digital future and contribute to the specific needs of leading clients. Read stories about our extensive network of professionals here.


  • Peter Slijkhuis

    ​‘The communication is always quick and honest. Tergos keeps you up to date on how your application process is moving along. I really appreciate that.’

    Peter Slijkhuis

    DevOps Engineer

  • Mark Benschop

    ​‘All in all, the entire application process took 36 hours. I hadn’t even given notice at my old job and I already had a new one.’

    Mark Benschop

    DevOps Engineer

  • Arno Kruse

    ​‘I received lots of contact from the team at Tergos and the field manager in Amsterdam. They were always very pleasant to work with.’

    Arno Kruse

    Vulnerability Manager

  • Matthew Frost

    ​‘I immediately knew what to expect during the job interviews. They were very efficient and honest in how they treated me as a professional.’

    Matthew Frost

    AWS DevOps Engineer

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Image 2021 01 06 T10 41 27

Our focus makes us succesful

Our niche focus ensures that we know all IT specialisms inside out and can offer a suitable solution for any IT Staffing & Consulting issue within any organisation.

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