DevOps at Deloitte

Via Tergos as freelance senior Azure Engineer for Deloitte
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DevOps at Deloitte

Martijn de Rhoter worked through Tergos as a freelance senior Azure engineer at Deloitte. ‘After the job interview, I drove home and immediately got a call to let me know that the client was interested.’

The Challenge

As senior Azure engineer at Deloitte, it was Martijn’s job to lower the lead time. ‘It was a challenging project. The time between receiving a request for a cloud service and delivering the service used to be six weeks. My team and I were able to cut that down to just six minutes. It makes a huge difference within the organisation.’ In total, Martijn worked for one year at Deloitte. ‘Unfortunately, my project is finished now.’ He now looks back on a very happy time, where he was continually supported by the consultants at Tergos. ‘Tergos also let me give a presentation on DevOps Day, so I could share my knowledge with my peers.’

Azure Engineer at Deloitte: bring down the lead time
An Azure Engineer is responsible for designing, building and (automatically) managing the Azure environment.

After the challenge

Martijn went into his project at Deloitte feeling very energised. He felt that he was well prepared to start the job interview process. ‘That’s the advantage of being approached for a job offer instead of having to apply yourself. They really put a lot of effort into giving you as much information as possible before you start the interview process.’

Our methode

  • We listen to the needs of a client and IT professional. Every IT issue requires a different approach.

  • Thanks to our triple niche focus, we can search specifically for suitable candidates for the assignment.

  • Na de match is er veel contact met zowel de professional als de opdrachtgever over de voortgang van het project. 

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