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At Tergos, you get to benefit from the close-knit IT Infrastructure & Cyber Security community as an IT consultant. By making contacts and exchanging knowledge and experiences with other consultants and peers, you will get plenty of opportunity to grow and develop.

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Meet colleagues and peers

You will receive plenty of personal attention at Tergos, because we believe in you and in what you have to offer as a professional. As part of the Tergos team, our People Development Manager will regularly stop by your workplace or invite you to their office. During the many meet-ups, webinars and other events, you will get to meet plenty of other colleagues. Our lines of communication are short and the door is always open.

As an IT consultant at Tergos, you are also directly part of the wider IT Infrastructure & Cyber Security community. You will be invited to relevant internal and external knowledge platforms and network meetings, so you can continue to develop yourself and keep abreast of all trends at all times. The contacts you meet at these gatherings can not only help your career, but also help you to gain relevant knowledge.

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The meet-ups we organise twice a year will keep you well informed about the latest trends and developments. The fascinating stories from the speakers we invite will inspire you, and not only do you get to learn something each time, but you also get the chance to build a strong professional network.


Would you like to keep up to speed on all the latest developments in IT Infrastructure & Cyber Security? We would like to invite you to attend our inspiring webinars, where interesting speakers and experts come and tell their stories.

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