Your career path

At Tergos, you are not working on a job, but you are working on a career. We help you to find exactly what suits your ambition and talents. This way, you never stop learning, because you are doing what you really like.

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Prospects for growth

Growth opportunities are of massive importance for your career, whether you have just started working or have been working your way up for several years. At Tergos, we constantly help you to decide what could be the next step for you in your career. With a clear step-by-step plan, you always know where you stand: do you want to grow from Consultant to Lead Consultant? Or do you want to explore new areas of expertise? Or maybe you are looking to deepen your knowledge and become the very best in your field? Even if you literally and figuratively want to explore your boundaries and take a step abroad, we can help you.

We also think along with you when it comes to the type of employment. Are you a security seeker? Then a permanent job is the best choice for you. Would you rather have more independence and flexibility? Then we can place you as a self-employed consultant, so that you can do business independently. And whether you already clearly know what you want or need help figuring out what is right for you, we are here for you.

To the top

If you need clarity, Tergos is right for you. We have clearly defined how you get from Consultant to Lead Consultant in 5 easy-to-understand steps. So you know exactly what you need to fulfil in order to progress to the next job level, and it is always clear how your career path progresses.

Crossing borders

We can fully imagine that you might also want to experience working abroad. If you want to develop your career across the border, there are ample opportunities at Tergos. We offer positions in the Netherlands, but also in Germany or Belgium.

Developing across fields

As part of Vibe Group, Tergos deals with many IT professionals in other fields. It is therefore easy for you to also connect with colleagues in other IT fields such as Data and Analytics, ERP, CRM and IT Development & Testing.

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